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Q. How do I pay for images on WonderStock?
A. Images are purchased using credits.

Q. Do I need to be a member or sign up first?
A. Yes. Your membership is free, and takes only a minute to complete.

Q. Why do I need membership?
A. Membership identifies you to us and, most importantly,  grants you as a member non-exclusive license to purchase and use our images.

Q. What do the image sizes mean?
A. Images are sized as follows:
    •    xSmall = 425 pixels wide
    •    Small = 849 pixels wide
    •    Medium = 1688 pixels wide
    •    Large = 2716 pixels wide
    •    xLarge = 3600 pixels wide
    •    xxLarge =  4200 pixels wide
    •    Original Size = approximately 4300 pixels wide and more depending on image size

Q. How do I purchase credits?
A. You can browse photos and add them to your secure shopping cart,  at checkout you will be presented with credit purchase options. You can also purchase one of our discounted credit packages then browse our galleries at your leisure. These links are available to you in your Members Area when you are logged in.

Q. Is there an advantage to pre-purchasing credits?
A. Yes. Credits give you the freedom to browse our image galleries and download at your convenience without going through the checkout each time. You can download until your credits are expended.

Q. How do I pay for the credits?
A. You will be directed to the PayPal secure payment facility.

Q. What if I dont have a PayPal account?
A. You can still make your purchase securely with your credit card.

Q. Will the WonderStock water mark be on the downloaded images?
A. No. The water mark is only on the web site presentation images, your downloaded image will not have any water mark.

Q. Will my  membership be active immediately?
A. You will be sent a confirmation email almost immediately after you sign up with a link to confirm your registration and activate your account. When you click on the confirmation link, your account will be activated.

Q. Is my personal information secure?
A. YES. WonderStock stores your information for billing and ordering purposes and to better serve you.

Q. Will WonderStock share my information?
A. NO. Your information is for our billing and ordering purposes only, WonderStock will not share your details with any third parties.

Q. What about my personal financial information?
A. We do not have access to your financial information. Your details are only known and used by you, and are protected by the security of the PayPal payment facility.

Q. What is my Lightbox?
A. Your Lightbox is used to store a group of images that you may like to eventually download. You can place images into your Lightbox and then later download the images. You are not obligated to download images in your lightbox.

Q. How do I place images in my Lightbox?
A. When you are logged in, as you are viewing photos there is a link to the right side of the photo to add the photo to your lightbox. Images will remain in your Lightbox until you remove them.
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